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About Us

Our Primary Goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients by communicating great-cum-genuine satisfaction for our clients through real estate solutions; even as we leverage on our proven expertise and knowledge cultivated over time. We will continue to build on our performance through our conviction that high quality homes are essential assets to our society and we are committed to continually provide exceptional comfort for our clients today and in the future.

Our Story


BARUCH & PHAREEX NIGERIA LIMITED exemplifies continuous progression that breeds excellence, creativity, and development in our desire to ensure quality real estate solutions.


BARUCH & PHAREEX has always adhered to the concept of development based on people’s well-being, and works to guarantee a better life for her clients by providing bespoke services that align with client’s desires thereby guaranteeing satisfaction and continuous patronage. We do not just exist for profit. We genuinely care for our clients and have their best interests at heart. The heartbeat of our organization is the total positive outcome of our client’s real estate options to suit their peculiar tastes and budgets.


Baruch & Phareex Nigeria Limited is a quality property developer and integrated living service provider in Nigeria, with futuristic interests in all of Africa. Our unique architectural aesthetical outlay, coupled with our exceptional customer service provision, ensures excellent and high quality real estate solutions for all our clients.  


We are committed to creating sustainable multi-generational communities by offering a variety of houses, styles, and amenities to suit any occasion. We adhere to the concept of keeping in line with contemporary community living, which combines the best design perspective and modern architecture to create ideal real estate options for our clients.  



To become the leading giant in the real estate industry in Africa, providing housing solutions, shelter, services through innovation to meet your needs.

Our Mission

To create a better society, ensuring sustainable homes and shelter to all individuals and making a significant difference.







Our Core Values TICTEA


Our strength lies in our ability to work collaboratively. This helps us create the best options and services for our clients. We value and engage teamwork because it provides the needed synergy that guarantees enough energy to deliver on our commitments and provide quality real estate solutions.


We deliver and do as we promise. Our word is our bond. We keep our word because we value relationships over profit. Our growth over the years has not changed our dedication to integrity when we work for and with our clients, and our team. We do it as we say we will, when we say we will, and how we say we will.


We have established ourselves as forward thinking industry leaders in building, design, trends and construction practices as we shape the landscape of Africa’s Real Estate marketplace. We are constantly searching and researching for new ways to provide real estate options and solutions for our esteemed clients. We employ the power of our team’s exceptional imaginative capabilities to form original ideas that can serve our clients in newer, greater and better ways.  


We create an atmosphere of openness and honesty which gives our clients the needed rest that springs from a trust in our ability to deliver with no negative ulterior motives whatsoever. We make ourselves available when needed to deliver on the expectations of our clients as we open our arms and operations to their well-meaning scrutiny.


We strive to deliver quality services with distinction and brilliance that proves our prowess in providing real estate solutions. Our clients can be rest assured that we work tirelessly to provide them the best services-cum-options available in the real estate industry. The best possible signature we leave on all our projects and services is EXCELLENCE.


We understand that the peace and comfort of our clients is important. That is why we make it a priority to deliver on the commitments we make. We value the trust of our clients and we do well to honor our commitments in order to earn and retain that trust.

We provide real estate solutions to the teaming Nigerian population and the African continent at large. We ensure the availability of affordable housing-cum-shelter for people across all social and economic strata of society. In a nutshell, we desire to provide shelter (housing) for everyone, everywhere, one place at a time, starting from Nigeria, till we become the biggest and most sought after Real Estate Company in Africa.

In 13 years, we have built a thriving integrated real estate, planning, development, construction, investment and management firm. Given our established history, we have had the opportunity to make landmark contributions to the greater African continent. We do not relent; and that is why we work tirelessly to expand the frontiers of our influence, as we impact Africa and the world at large.

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