About Us

BARUCH & PHAREEX means continuous succession that is called permanence, the rising, shining and development of creation that is called greatness. Baruch & Phareex has always adhered to the concept of development base on people’s well being, and made remitting efforts to create better life or its clients.


Our Story & Mission

our vision

To become the leading giant in the real estate industry in Africa, providing housing solutions, shelter, services through innovation to meet your needs


To Create Better Society, Ensuring Sustainable Homes And Shelter To All Individuals And Making A Significant Difference.


Our Story of Over 20 Years

Our creativity to freely design every home differently to fulfill and exceed the desires in living according to each customer. Our ability to build homes with superior standard in performance and quality by developing leading edge technologies at our housing, so the highest level of living comfort can be delivered to our customers around the world. These innovations are integrated into every BARUCH & PHAREEX HOUSE.

For a lasting relationship with and further satisfaction for our customers through homes, as will leverage our proven expertise and knowledge cultivated over time, we will continue to build on our performance through our conviction that high quality homes will be essential assets to our society and we are committed to continually provide high level of living comfort for today and tomorrow.


Baruch and Phareex always upheld the vision of “building quality housing for ordinary people, developing premises for accommodation”. Our Company adhered to main development policies of synchronous development with the municipalities and our customers.

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