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Over 20 Years Of Building

BARUCH & PHAREEX means continuous succession that is called permanence, the rising, shining and development of creation that is called greatness. Baruch & Phareex has always adhered to the concept of development base on people’s well being, and made remitting efforts to create better life or its clients.

Who We Are

 We are a quality property developer and integrated living service provider in Nigeria, Our unique Architectural aesthetics, customer service, high quality and excellent services makes us the best.

Baruch and Phareex always upheld the vision of “building quality housing for ordinary people, developing premises for accommodation”. Our Company adhered to main development policies of synchronous development with the municipalities and our customers.

Vanke will insist on providing quality products and services to ordinary people and contribute to satisfying our client’s demand for a better life with its best efforts.

The core business of the Baruch and Phareex includes property development, property service, architecture and rental housing. We further enhanced our positioning to “urban and rural development and living services provider”. The ecological system formed had already taken its shape. On the basis of consolidating the inherent advantages of residential properties development and property services, This had laid a sound foundation for better serving the people’s needs for a better life and achieving sustainable development.

Our creativity to freely design every home differently to fulfill and exceed the desires in living according to each customer. Our ability to build homes with superior standard in performance and quality by developing leading edge technologies at our housing, so the highest level of living comfort can be delivered to our customers around the world. These innovations are integrated into every BARUCH & PHAREEX HOUSE.

For a lasting relationship with and further satisfaction for our customers through homes, as will leverage our proven expertise and knowledge cultivated over time, we will continue to build on our performance through our conviction that high quality homes will be essential assets to our society and we are committed to continually provide high level of living comfort for today and tomorrow.

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Property Development

We bring to bear our experience and expertise in developing luxury and state-of-the-art property for sale

Property Services

We specialize in the sale of lands and houses. We also offer flexible payment plans and incentives to make acquiring your property easier.

Architectural Services

We are a quality property developer in Nigeria, Our unique Architectural aesthetics, customer service, high quality and excellent services makes us the best.

Real Estate Advisory

We draw from our vast and deep knowledge of Real Estate Industry to give our clients the guidance and advisory services they require

Eco Friendly Construction

Our Estate has an evocative of native-rich, inviting, and a shift away from the box, to something more organic and natural.

High Quality Construction Management

Luxurious in design, the Sunflower Estate residences are curated to be modern and iconic houses for residence’s dream houses made reality, with an architectural focus openness, greenery.

Let's Build Something

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